LABSCAT 2 Photometer Sigrist VietNam

Dual-Angle Lab Turbidimeter

The LabScat monitors turbidity in liquids, using a single light source to detect transmitted light and scattered light at 90° and 25°. This allows colour-compensated dual-angle measurement according to MEBAK and EBC standard, in bottles and glass cuvettes. Bottle rotation and water-bath minimize disturbing influences, the quality of the water bath is monitored. Operation is done via a colour touchscreen. No tools are required for routine maintenance. Calibration check is simply performed with a calibration unit with a glass reference, which is part of the scope of supply. Sample ID and handling measuring data are performed using digital interfaces (USB, Ethernet with web browser).



Measuring principle Scattered light 90°/25°

Nominal range 0 .. 200 (500 with cuvette) EBC 0 .. 13,800 (34,500 with cuvette) ASBC

Wavelength LED 650 nm

Resolution 0.001 EBC / 0.07 ASBC

Measuring time 12 s

Water bath temperature 0 .. 40 °C (0 .. 104 °F)

Recalibration Secondary solid reference

Ambient temperature 0 .. 40 °C (0 .. 104 °F)

Humidity 0 .. 99% RH

Supply voltage 12 VDC with separate power supply

Power input 10 W (max.)

Data transfer Web browser, USB

Options Temperature controlled measurement

Weight 5 kg

Display 1/4 VGA, 3.5“

Operation Touchscreen

Interfaces Ethernet, USB

Sample identification Web browser

Bottle dimensions Ø 50 .. 88 mm Height up to 330 mm